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Metaphysical Properties A-Z

A bowl of crystal delights!


From the depths of our prehistoric past, crystals have held the human psyche captivated. Archaeological evidence from the Paleolithic to the Bronze Age and beyond reveals the widespread use crystals in ritualistic burial practices and personal adornment. Rather than being a new trend, the practice of lithotherapy (from lithos, the Greek word for rock) has been well documented and preserved throughout the ages. Many cultures have contributed to the lore and magic surrounding sacred stones - from Roman philosopher Pliny the Elder's talismanic descriptions of crystals in his Natural History, to the 6th century Sanskrit Brihat-Samhita on the function of gems in Vedic astrology and divination. Lengthly healing and metaphysical properties can also be attributed to the voluminous materia medica lapidary texts of the Middle Ages, including works by Avicenna, Isidore de Seville, Hildegard von Bingen, and others. Shamanic societies around the world commonly feature crystals in prominent sacred and ceremonial contexts. These archaic and folkloric lithotherapeutical practices have been employed across time, evolving into the wide array of crystal applications we have today.

The list below outlines some keywords for each of the crystal varieties found in our shop. Drawing on traditional wisdom and our own extensive experience, this list offers a jumping off point for your own meditations and metaphysical research. Listen within - consult your own intuition and take with you what resonates!


AGATE, BLUE LACE - Mindfulness, deep relaxation, cooling & calming, clear communication, ease of expression, nurturing & supportive energy, awareness of one's higher calling, spiritual truth, dissolves destructive patterns, helps release insecurities & judgement, emotional intelligence

AGATE, BOTSWANA - Self-acceptance, grounds excess energy, stabilizes the aura, nurtures growth & discovery, emotional strength, psychic awareness, karmic healing, insight, dream recall, new beginnings, rebirth, soothes tension & stress, restores balance during times of upheaval

AGATE, CRAZY LACE - Joy, optimism, harmony, stability, offers emotional support during times of stress, creativity, playfulness, harmony, gently grounding & protective, offers reassurance & stamina, inner child work, exploration of new ideas, appreciation of beauty, hope, gratitude

AGATE, FIRE - Expansion, creative breakthrough, integration of soul lessons, reveals greater spiritual depths & understanding, inner truth, listening within, releases emotional blockages, opens to new experiences, peaceful activism, increases energy, momentum, humility, interconnection

AGATE, INDIA - Steady progress, gentle healing, soothes worry & fear, quietens the mind during meditation, calms overactive mental energies, perseverance, courage amidst the unexpected, grounding & supportive, alleviates procrastination, holistic wellness, gradual & measurable change

AGATE, TREE - Peacefulness, instills a positive outlook, communion with nature, strengthens inner resources, soothes excess mental chatter, deepens meditative states, gently grounding, balance & stability, spiritual growth, patience, persistence, recovery, aids positive habit forming 

AGATE, WATER - Clairsentience, emotional depth, regeneration, rebirth, grounding & nurturing, aids divination & psychic studies, mutability, adaptability, purification & cleansing, creative inspiration, alignment with Goddess energies & the Sacred Feminine, wholeness, transformation

AMETHYST - Revelation, purification, protection, deep peace & relaxation, connection to the Divine, guidance on the spiritual path, awakens insight, aids divination & intuitive work, heightens meditative states, helps release negative habits & addictions, tranquility, wholeness, wellbeing

AMETHYST, BRANDBERG - Serenity, awareness of synchronicities, trust in the process, purification, expands consciousness, enhanced dream states, strengthens memory & focus, guidance, spiritual love, soothing & calming, amplifies healing work & intention, self-acceptance

AMETHYST, SHANGAAN - Spiritual evolution, alignment with one's highest soul purpose, expansion of energy, radical awakening, ego confrontation & dissolution, new learning, supports esoteric study, integration of shadow aspects, deep healing, magic, transformation, regeneration 

APATITE, BLUE - Inspiration, enhances communication, creativity, stimulates energy flow, gentleness, soothes & calms tension, sparks curiosity & exploration, growth, personal truth, lucid dreaming, astral travel, past life work, deepens learning & understanding, psychic activation

APATITE, TRUFFLE - Restoration, rehabilitation, self-care, grounding, connection to the earth element, shamanic healing, restores faith & balance, nourishment, deepens spiritual understanding, inner guidance, steady growth, interconnection & oneness, sacred journeying

APATITE, YELLOW - Confidence,  inner radiance, inspired creation, manifestation, auric cleansing, stimulates energy flow, assertiveness, mental clarity, enhances learning & memory, sharpens meditation, spiritual development, hope, positivity, social ease, leadership, attracts abundance

APOPHYLLITE, CLEAR - Purity, alignment, universal peace, expanded awareness, attunement to higher frequencies, communion with spirit guides & guardians, deepens concentration & focus, dedication to the spiritual path, clarity, harmony, relaxation, restoration, new beginnings